What's the orange peel theory all about?

Smrithi Mohan
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the orange peel theory

We try to understand the peeling orange theory as it takes over as the new love language that GenZs can’t stop talking about.

Humans are the simplest species when it comes to life because all they need in life is love. One of the most complex emotions that has people wondering and pining for it, love means a lot of things to different people. People also express love in different ways. For some, it’s the act of physical touch and for others, it could be acts of service. While we come across different ways of expressing love, the newest one on the block is ‘peeling oranges’. Why is the internet suddenly obsessed with peeling orange though? Called the Orange Peel Theory, it's the idea that your partner offering to peel an orange for you, with or without you asking means that they are truly in love with you.

It seems like the whole trend started off with a video that viral, where a person asks her boyfriend to peel oranges for her. This video has her talking about how she is too tired to peel oranges and she's also just done her nails so if her boyfriend can do it for her instead. The boyfriend in question asks her to do that herself, leaving the girlfriend arguing that a good boyfriend would have done it for her without question.

The whole internet was baffled at his response where he refused to do it for her, saying that it’s the bare minimum that she expects out of him. This is now being called the Orange Peel Theory which has the GenZs having full-on conversations about love on the internet. It is a new metric that many are willing to use to judge their partner's love.

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This may have you wondering if expecting the bare minimum from their partners has become the ultimate love test. Or if the idea of ‘small things big impact’ has taken over the Gen Z love language ? Would you consider peeling oranges as a form of love? Let us know in the comments below!

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