8 underground artists we love from MTV's Hustle 2.0 rap show!

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8 underground artists we love from MTV's Hustle 2.0 rap show!

These artists showed us what true artistry looks like through their music on Hustle 2.0 rap show!

The underground rapping scene in India has always been present, but only recently has everyone started being vocal about it. Gully Boy opened many gates to rapping and underground rappers and gave opportunities to them to perform on big platforms like Hustle 2.0. The first season MTV's Hustle 2.0 rap show aired back in 2019, and it became an instant source of entertainment for viewers. We got some amazing rappers from the show who are slaying even after the show is over. EPR, KING, RCR, and Agsy are only a few of the rappers from season 1 who talked about various social causes through their songs! But talking about these and spreading love and no hate didn't stop for them after season 1!

As the second season started, we saw a lineup of talented rappers, and we were awestruck then and there. Rappers like Paradox, Srusti Tawde, and Nazz are some of the Janta's favorites. A song like 'Ek tha kauvva' by Srusti has so many layers to it and what the audience liked the most was that she's a writer first and then a rapper. People also loved Paradox for his brutally honest conversations that he creates through his musicality. The atmosphere he created with the song 'Jaadugar' was totally experimental because who knows paradox knows that it is not his style but he totally nailed it. Although there was tough competition between contestants, MC Square took the trophy home. We have more recommendations for your better taste in music!

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Check them out!

Main Nahi Toh Kaun


Mala Mahit nahi


Chill Kinda Guy

Ami Tomake

Naina ki Talwar


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