Hundreds become part of the Hyderabad flash protest on Sunday protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act. People shared the complete news on their social media platform.

Although the CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) has come to effect in India, this doesn’t seem to stop the protest against the same. Hyderabad became the latest city to join in the protests against the act. A group of women got to the streets under Tolichowki flyover on Sunday and began the protest at around 8.30 pm in the evening. Soon, a number of youngsters joined the protest. The police failed in their efforts to disperse the crowd and some of the protestors also said that the Shaheen Bagh protest in Delhi served as an inspiration. The Hyderabad flash protest against CAA gained great traction as hundreds became part of the same. The crowd stayed and carried out a peaceful protest for hours until the police were able to break the crowd early on Monday.

People at Hyderabad flash protest took to social media to share reports of the protest:

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