India won gloriously in their first match of World Cup 2019 against South Africa. Fans were overjoyed, and even more hopeful for the trophy to come home. But a controversy emerged when everyone’s attention went to MS Dhoni’s wicket keeping gloves.

Apparently, the gloves that Dhoni donned during the match had the Indian Para Special Forces Insignia on them. This ended up in ICC sending a notice to BCCI, asking for Dhoni to remove and not use them anymore. It is in public domain that he has the title of Lieutenant Colonel and trained under the Para Brigade in 2015.

Twitter has come out in support of ‘captain cool’ and say that he is not hurting anyone’s sentiments and #DhoniKeepTheGlove has been trending ever since.

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Dhoni has been seen donning such symbols and insignia of the armed forces regularly and this sudden reaction from ICC seems uncalled for according to netizens.