Iconic moments of the decade which are unforgettable

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iconic moments of the decade

The last decade has been a whirlwind of emotions, all sorts and in all parts of the world. Here are some of the iconic moments of the decade.

A lot happens overnight in today's world, so, you can imagine the number of unforgettable things that must have happened over the decade. Well, there are too many to mention but here are some iconic moments that topped the list for us.

Here we have the most iconic moments of the decade that we may or may not have forgotten:

1) Beyoncé’s headlining Coachella performance, dubbed "Beychella," made history in 2018. It was easily one of the top pop culture moments of any decade. As the first black woman to headline the California music festival, she delivered, giving her fans—and haters everything they wanted (and then some) when it came to presenting her catalog.

2) April 29, 2011 marked one of the greatest and grandest royal affairs we all remember: Prince William of Wales and Catherine Middleton had a royal wedding. The televised marriage was one of the biggest and most highly-covered events that year, with an estimated 22.8 million viewers watching the spectacle. Now, they’ve been married for more than eight years and have three adorable royal children together.

3) July 2011: We said goodbye to Harry Potter.

After captivating fans for 14 years, one of the world's most popular franchises came to an end when the eighth and final installment in the Harry Potter film series — Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 — hit theaters on July 15, 2011. Of course, the Potter universe still lives on now through the popular Broadway play The Cursed Child and the continuing Fantastic Beasts franchise, but it’s easy to say that we Potterheads still have never been the same ever since.

4) December 2012: People thought the world would end.

Yup, some of us totally thought that December 21, 2012 would be the end of the world as we know it — after all, the Mayan calendar apparently said it would be — but then the date came and went with no catastrophic event or gigantic apocalypse happening, and then we all felt a little silly the next morning.

5) When a Malaysia Airlines passenger jet disappeared without a trace in early 2014, the fate of the plane — and the 239 passengers and crew onboard — became one of the biggest aviation mysteries in history. The missing plane captured the attention of millions around the world, triggering a multinational search and plenty of conspiracy theories. For years it remained an unsolved mystery — until in July of this year when The Atlantic gave us the clearest story to date of what happened: the plane was likely intentionally crashed by the pilot.

6) February 2015: Apple released racially-diverse emojis.

The option to change the skin color of your thumbs-up emoji might be a staple in today's iPhone world, but it was actually back in early 2015 when Apple first introduced the new feature of racially-diverse emoijs, able to be customized into six different color skin tones. With the release of 300 brand new emojis, the new iOS update also included 32 new country flags as well as — for the first time ever — emojis depicting same-sex couples and families. Later on, Android went on to add this feature too. Guess we really developed as a society.

7) June 2015: Same-sex marriage became legal in the U.S.

June 26, 2015 was a historic day for LGBTQ+ in America — gay marriage finally became legalized nationwide. In the landmark court case Obergefell v. Hodges, the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage was legal in all fifty states, establishing a new civil right across the nation and giving the gay rights movement a long-sought victory.

8) February 2016: Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar.

After years of being an internet meme for constantly being snubbed at the Oscars, our favorite heartthrob Leo finally got a win at the 88th Academy Awards in 2016 when he managed to snag the Best Actor award for his role in The Revenant — subsequently breaking the internet and spurring a celebratory flurry of new (and even better) memes.

9) The outburst post the introduction of CAA and NRC

We all know the amount of protests, riots, etc that have happened in the country ever since CAA and NRC. Let's see where it goes and how where this takes the country or where the citizens of this country take this.

10) April 2019: We got the first-ever photo of a black hole.

Back in April of 2019, we got our first glimpse of the weirdest and most mysterious spectacle in the universe: the black hole. Astronomers were able to capture humanity’s first-ever image of a black hole on April 10, and it was a huge moment in history — not to mention it even sparked some great memes and internet reactions.

black hole - iconic moments

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11) Sourav Ganguly Becomes BCCI President (2019)

October 23, 2019 saw the 'Prince of Kolkata' become the ruler of Indian cricket. After successfully running the Cricket Association of Bengal for years, Sourav Ganguly was appointed as the president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), albeit for a period of just nine months.

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12) India-born and Manipal-educated Satya Nadella became the CEO of the world’s most premier tech company. A moment of pride for Indians the world over.

13) India’s first interplanetary mission by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) was the fourth space agency to reach Mars. The best thing about this entire mission was that India was the first nation to reach Mars in its first attempt.

14) Section 377 of the IPC verdict

In a landmark judgement for the LGBT community in the country, the Supreme Court struck down a part of Section 37 of the IPC, decriminalizing consensual sexual conduct between adults of the same sex in India. A five-judge constitution bench headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra had reserved its verdict on July 17 after hearing various stakeholders for four days, including gay rights activists. And then the emotional significance of it hit, which was a very overwhelming feeling.

15)India was declared polio-free in 2014. This was the best news of 2014. The anti-polio drive that started in 1994 finally reached its much-awaited end when WHO declared India polio-free.

16) Remember in 2017, when Ed Sheeran visited India and partied with Bollywood? Yeah, us too. We don’t know if he had a fun time at the party hosted by Farah Khan, but he looks positively claustrophobic in the pictures. No wonder, Twitterati sympathised with him!

17) 18-year-old Hima Das wins India its first-ever gold at a global track event. On 12 July 2018, Das won the 400 m final at the World U-20 Championships 2018 held at Tampere, Finland, clocking 51.46 seconds and becoming the first Indian sprinter to win a gold medal at an international track event.

18) The HBO show Game of Thrones, based on the George R.R. Martin book series, was the talk at every water-cooler when it ran for eight seasons between 2011 and 2019. The fantasy world, filled with dragons, castles, magic, and lots of death, cleaned up at award shows and in the ratings.

19) The Oscar Selfie - During the 2014 Academy Awards, host Ellen DeGeneres gathered together some of Hollywood's biggest stars, including Jared Leto, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Bradley Cooper, Channing Tatum, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie to pose for a selfie. The picture quickly became one of the most circulated photographs on the internet. If you didn't know the term 'selfie' before, you did after.

iconic moments of the decade

Which of these iconic moments do you remember most clearly?

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