Web shows not only give us our favourite characters but also inspire our bucket list. Correct me if I am wrong! We jotted a few iconic places that will make you ditch the couch and hit the road to these beautiful places.

Did someone mention web series? There is no better way to bond than knowing that your friend loves the same series as you do, is there? Among the thousands of web series, we always have our favourite and even if the show has ended we continue to watch the re-runs. Our love for these shows is so pure and deep that we remember every dialogue and scenes in detail. It’s not odd that you start loving everything that is associated with the series (I hate it when people call it an obsession, I mean come on its love!). One such thing is the places. There are many shows that have made a particular place iconic to the level when we can only associate the place with the show. We have listed down various iconic places from shows that are in our bucket list because of web shows.

Here is a list of iconic places from shows that are in our bucket list:

Game of Thrones: Astapor

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Breaking Bad: The white’s house

Friends: The Greenwich village

Lost: Survivors beach camp

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Sherlock Holmes: Speedy’s cafe

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Mrs. Hudson, I'm home!

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TVF Tripling, Amma’s place: Baragarh Villa

Stranger Things: Georgia

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where Steve Harrington told Dustin the secret to his hair

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Searching for the demogorgon

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Bard of blood: Balochistan

Sex Education: Old Railway Bridge over River Wye

It happened in Hong Kong: Hong Kong (obviously!)

Kaafir: Himachal Pradesh

Which place would you like to visit? Tell us in the comments below.