Following the recent air pollution reports in Northern India, idols in Varanasi made to wear masks by the priest to protect them from the pollution.

Air pollution and bad air quality have become a major problem in India, Northern India to be specific. The situation has grown worse to the level that people, like Bane from Dark knight Rises, cannot leave the house without wearing a mask. People couldn’t stop from bursting crackers in the recent Diwali celebrations which resulted in the quality of air deplete drastically. People literally went Oh my God! as a temple got idols in Varanasi to wear masks to protect them.

idols in Varanasi

The government is trying to find new ways to curb the current situation, but it seems to not have brought any chances. After the news of bad air quality broke, Harish Mishra, a priest from Shiv-Parvati temple in the Sigra area of Varanasi decided on putting a mask on the idols in the temple in order to protect them from the pollution. He said that Varanasi is a place of belief, and God is treated as one among them.

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