In praise of the 'bookstagram' world ft. Aamna Mishra

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In the praise of bookstagram ft. Aamna Mishra aka @spoonfulofpages

Aamna Mishra aka @spoonfulofpages, the founder of All Things Studio writes about the significance and beauty of the "bookstagram" community

In books, we are transported to a world that is solely shared between the reader and the author. Irrespective of the genre, a story is intended to educate its readers, whether it's fiction, memoir, graphic novel, academia, or entertainment. Peering into the virtual world of books, Aamna Mishra aka @spoonfulofpages takes us through something you may or may not have heard of - bookstagram, an online community.

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Here's what we learned from her!

Bookstagram is full of nerds who are unstoppable at taking pictures of their books, posting their opinions, and conversing with fellow bookworms. But it's more than that. It lets readers, writers, publishers, book clubs, bookshops, libraries, and content creators from all walks of life come together. They get the opportunity to discuss their bookish thoughts, promote their work, build a fan base, and get valuable feedback which can be vital while crafting a book. There is no process of admission, no gatekeeping, just use #bookstagram and you can become a part of this serene little nook of the Instagram world.

I have personally been following the #bookstagram community for years now. In the early days of lockdown, while we were all cooped up inside our homes, uncertain about the future, I decided to share my reading journey through my page on Instagram!

Almost three years have passed, and I can confirm that this community has supported and encouraged me in ways that a real-life friend may be unable to comprehend. As a reader, my taste has evolved. I've explored genres that I found uninteresting earlier, and I love experimenting with creative posts now. Also, these accounts that form the bookstagram community will cheer even for your tiniest achievements, fangirl over mutual interests, and check up on you when consistently posting online becomes overwhelming.

Are you unsure if you want to read a particular book? Use the hashtag to see what people are saying about the title. Looking for something outside your comfort zone? Find out which book's name is on everyone's lips. Have a question for an author? Send them a direct message. Is your reading slump getting you down? Just take a break until your heart desires and start again with a genre you love. As a reader, I'm certain you'll find bookstagrammers inspiring.

Bookstagram helps you get involved and stay connected, whether you're new to the world of books or a longtime fan. It gives your inner bookworm a safe space in the vast world of social media and helps you grow. Here's to reading and growing together!

Besides being a book enthusiast, Aamna is the founder of All Things Studio, a versatile art space in Mumbai. Reading, dancing, and creating have all influenced her in many ways, and she appreciates the welcoming bookstagram community.

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