The IND vs ENG match yesterday has us crying but memes on Twitter definitely helped us calm our anger.

Social media was crushed after seeing India lose to England who made their way to the finals by winning the semi-finals by 10 wickets. The only thing less hurtful that came of the match was the ultimate meme fest that netizens had to share. We would be seeing Pak vs Eng in the finals to which a netizen hilariously tweeted “You were excited for chak de india vs dil dil pakistan? nah it’s sweet caroline vs dil dil pakistan now.” Watching the IND vs ENG match felt like a heartfelt journey altogether and although India lost in the end, we got hilarious memes out of it at least!

Fans are craughing all over the internet and as Indians, it’s our birthright to make memes on everything that goes on or off the internet. As Twitter is the poster child of such memes, people didn’t back down on being creative with their anger. This was yet another iconic match and fans went crazy. You’d want to frame the screenshots of one of these memes for sure!

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Check these hilarious memes out!

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