Hilarious No Nut November memes you'll want to forward like NOW!

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Hilarious No Nut November memes you'll want to forward like NOW!

Day 11 of No Nut November, and you already feel like you're on the edge of losing? Don't worry! These memes will keep you motivated!

In the world of Tiktok trends and Instagram Reels, we can learn so many meaningful things from the internet, but we as a generation still choose to learn about the most absurd things that don't make sense at all. After a healthy discussion at work, we sat down to google what 'No Nut November' means and that's when we realized we're not the only ones. NNN basically means no masturbating for the month of November. But why was it started? No Nut November was originally intended to be ironical, but some participants claim that stoping yourself from ejaculating and watching p*rnography has health benefits. According to Wikipedia, No Nut November is an internet challenge revolving around male abstinence from masturbation, sex, and ejaculation (or colloquially "to nut"). 

It was a trend that started in 2010 but gained popularity during and after 2017 on social media. Ever since, it's become a trend on the internet among the "boys" to compete with others to see who stays focused or can simply prove that they're "men of culture." While Twitter always has multiple sides to a coin, and people seldom back down from making memes out of anything and everything, we found gold in the form of these memes! Twitteratis are saying good and bad things about this trend, and some even claim that not masturbating for a month is not healthy and can even cause prostate cancer. We know, right, this is nuts!

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Check out these tweets!

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