Engineering memes that every student can relate to

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Engineering memes that every student can relate to

Here are some engineering memes that will sum up the memories of your student days

How different would the world be without engineers? Well, a lot! We would have missed all the amazing innovations and technology without these minds. India has the most engineering enthusiasts in the world and it gives us great opportunities every day to shock the world with our impeccable work and innovations. But being an engineer in India gives you a lot more than just knowledge and skills. Between all the assignments and boring lectures, these students found memories, ideas and inspiration, and whatnot. It is so popular in India, that we have many hit OTT shows over the life of engineering students and people do love to watch them. Not to mention, that they gave us the best memes to laugh at and we never miss a chance to be thankful for it.

It's engineer day, and people on social media can't keep calm about it and is filled with engineering memes. If you are a student, scroll through some relatable stuff.

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Social media is filled with such memes and here are some of our favorites-

Did this remind you of your engineering days?

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