Last night’s clash between the two cricket giants has started the Ind vs Pak memes war on social media.

Your social media feed must be filled with Ind vs. Pak memes now since we’are celebrating the victory. Last night’s clash between the India and Pakistan cricket teams managed to grab a lot of attention. Amidst the heat of Dubai, the 15th edition of the Asia Cup began with the greatest rivalry in the world of cricket. Pakistan was looking to keep up with its momentum of wins after defeating India in World Cup 2021, but the Indian team showed them that it’s a far-fetched dream for them.

“The boys really played well” as they always do. Hardik Pandya is being talked about all over the internet for his thrilling five-wicket win over Pakistan while Bhuvaneshwar Kumar is being appreciated as he took the big wicket of Babar Azam. Amidst the clash between these two Asian cricket giants, people on social media too didn’t hesitate to show their excitement. While there was heat on the ground of Dubai International Stadium, people kept the buzz continued on social media through memes.

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Take a look at the ongoing meme war!

Did you watch the last night’s clash?

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