These humorous and nostalgic memes about Work From Home hit a little too close to home!

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National Work From Home Day

Missing the lockdown and the comfort of those cozy Work From Home days? Here's a humorous trip down memory lane!

COVID-19 brought a lot of damage in its wake all across the globe. However, let's cheer for the fact that we fought and made it through. Sure, nobody wants to relive the way the virus took over our lives with the unbearably long lockdowns. However, it only makes sense to appreciate the one side-effect of lockdowns that we all appreciated- Work from Home. Sure, working from the office has its own charm and discipline but working from home has made us all brats who like working to their own rhythm now, hasn't it?

With the number of cases going down steeply, we are back to the grind. Some of us are working from the office while some are working in a hybrid manner. No matter which category you belong to, we're sure that you miss Work From Home. Every time you commute in a train filled over its capacity or listen to your boss' sarcasm, the wave of Work From Home nostalgia hits you.

As the weekend is close and you look forward to 'Friyay', here are some Reels and memes about Work From Home that will fill you up with laughter and nostalgia.

Here you go!

Are you feeling what we're feeling?

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