Indian creator Era Indiekor is helping people become fluent in the Korean language

Smrithi Mohan
Jun 02, 2022 10:56 IST
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Era Indiekor

Like us, are you a K Drama fan too? Then you've got to follow Eraindiekor to entertain yourself while learning the Korean language.

This is the 21st century and if there's something that's bringing people from around the globe together, it's the Korean entertainment culture. Yes, it's also the internet but considering how popular the Korean culture is across generations, it can be considered to be the most impactful trend in recent times. We have been introduced to different languages and the content that belongs and looks like K culture has taken over. Creator and educator, Era Indiekor is contributing to the Indian craze for the same in her own way.

There's an ever-increasing fandom that has adopted Korean culture into their lives. The love for this fandom is so deep that many have gone on to practice everything they see on these shows in real life. People look forward to learning the Korean lifestyle and we have a lot of creators who are sharing their love for K-drama with their audience. Indian creator, Era Indiekor happens to be one of them. Her page is a treat for every K-culture admirer. From teaching how to talk about the nuances of the language, culture, and her favorite Kdramas, Era is helping fans fulfill their dream. She continues to share tips and ways to learn the language and the basics of Korean culture that everyone should know about.

Check it out!


So if you are a K-culture fan then you should follow her on Instagram.

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