Instagram's latest campaign We Are In The Making features Indian Creators on billboards

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Instagram's latest campaign

Indian creators made it to the billboard as part of Instagram's latest campaign supporting digital creators.

Instagram has become the new space for individuals to grow and nurture their creative talents. There was a time when parents would've questioned their kid's decision of becoming a digital creator but now with the growth of the creator community, many might encourage them to follow this passion. We've seen a lot of small-scale creators rise to glory in the past year. Even though lockdown was a difficult phase for many, it came as a boon to the digital community giving them a platform and a chance to grow online. And over the years, we've seen many exceptional talents and their creative content taking over our social media. And Instagram's latest campaign is all about helping this growing community.

Instagram launched it's new 'We Are In The Making' campaign that encourages upcoming and aspiring creators to be better online. As part of the campaign, the photo-sharing platform has launched a website called This site is aimed at everyone with a passion for creativity to help them share their content with the world. The new Born On Instagram website has three sections 'Learn, Create and Earn' where any individual who is interested to become a digital creator can take a 90-minute creator crash course. At the end of the course, they will be provided with a personalized recognition letter from Instagram and the chance to monetize their content. This new feature will allow every creator to earn through their creativity.

To promote the same, a bunch of Indian creators made it to hoardings in well-known places. These creators have proved that with proper hard work and dedication there is nothing that is not possible. These creators shared this exciting news of them making it on the billboard on their Instagram, and as their followers, we couldn't be more proud. Talking about his new achievement, creator Saurabh Ghadge wrote on his Instagram, "It took me 6 years to reach here and I had many chances to give up on content creation but the only thing that kept me going was my PASSION for this. I believed in myself and my content. I still feel that I am living a dream that I always dreamt of." His fellow creators, Karan Sonawane and Neel also expressed their excitement by quoting the famous phrase from rapper Divine's song as their caption.

Neel wrote "Never dreamt of this 1 saal meh photoshop se Billboard taak. Ek line Jo mai bolna chahta hun Jo sirf aur sirf mere aur @focusedindian ke liye likhi gayi hai. 'Edit karke image tune mera meme bana diya. Mehnat karke tere bhai ne pura dream bana diya. Picture ya sadko peh scene bana diya'."


Meethika Dwivedi and Shantanu Dhope also had their own way of sharing the news with their followers. Thanking Instagram she wrote "Look at where you came from, look at you now ;) Jeffrey bezos toh nahi par @instagram ne special feel karaya" while Shantanu said "This one is for all the queer kids who feel like they don’t belong. I am so grateful for this opportunity."

Take a look:

Cheers to all the creators who have kept us entertained!

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