Singer Poojan Sahil and Karwan-e-Mohabbat have made a rendition of the Italian song “Bella Ciao” called “Farm Law Wapas Jao”.

Remember “The Ballad of Pehlu Khan” by Amir Aziz or Hum Dekhengeby Faiz Ahmed Faiz from the anti-CAA protests? Revolutions often come with slogans and songs that become the heart of the protests. Songs that express the anguish of the citizens are sung in hopes that it might fall on the deaf ears of those in power. India has from time to time witnessed protests and protest songs. Joining the list of protest songs is Poojan Sahil‘s “Farm Laws Wapas Jao” for the farmers’ protest.

Poojan released the song “Farm Laws Wapas Jao”, which is a rendition Italian protest folk song “Bella Ciao”. Bella Ciao was first sung by poor women in the paddy fields in North Italy. They sang the song to complain about the harsh working conditions in the fields. You might also remember the song from the Netflix show ‘Money Heist’.

Uploading the song on YouTube, Poojan wrote, “This is NOT a translation of the original Bella Ciao but a rendition of it in Punjabi. Farmers from Punjab, Haryana, UP across India are protesting against the Farm Laws at the Delhi Border. This is in solidarity with them.” The video of the song, shot by Karwan e Mohabbat covers the journey of the harsh conditions that the farmers are braving as they continue to protest against the farm laws.

People on Twitter who express solidarity with farmers are impressed by this song. Many people appreciated Poojan for coming up with this beautiful rendition.

Here are some of the reactions praising Poojan and the song.

You can watch the video here.

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