As people opt out of ordering food online during the lockdown, Indian food delivery agents are selling weed to make their ends meet.

With the third installment of the lockdown doing in all strong for the next two weeks, one group that has been affected is the black market weed dealers. The delivery of this illegal industry in India has been facing more restrictions than usual considering the extra security and police watch that is happening around the country. This police vigilance has caused them to think of more unique and innovative ways to slide stashes of illegal weed to their customers. After grocery stores, their recent anchors are the delivery agents. Considering their service is counted as essential, they are being used to get the supply in the market.

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It is said that Interpol had warned there was a possibility of such an act in countries like Germany and Malaysia. This tactic has made its way to India and was brought to light with officials catching delivery guys in some parts of the country. Police caught hold of two delivery agents in Bengaluru who were trying to sneak in some weeds freely on their company bikes. There was another incident reported in Chennai on May 3rd after the lockdown extension was announced.

These delivery agents are not just any other random dealers, but well-trained delivery professionals who seem to have taken up this on the side of their jobs after people have stopped ordering food online.