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Indian gamers

Check out this list of Indian gamers who are killin' it in the virtual world and bringing in a revolution in online gaming in India.

Entertainment has widened for the people in India. With being forced to be locked up in their house, people have been trying to open up to newer means to entertain themselves. Gaming has been one of the industries that reached a new pinnacle in India during the pandemic. People have recognized the diversity of getting into online gaming. It is not just a way to relieve stress or to entertain oneself but also to meet new people online. 2020 became the year for gamers and helped them broaden their community. The growing popularity of live streams suggests that people not only love playing games but also like to witness their favorite Indian gamers excel in the sport.

Popular mobile games added to this craze for these multiplayer games. Banning some of the popular ones only paved the way for new ones to gain admiration. Over time we have seen Indian gamers doing live gaming streaming as a way to raise donations for various causes while providing entertainment to their viewers. They have changed the way people consume entertainment, diversifying online content.

Talking about how the growing popularity of online gaming in India, Ocean Sharma said, "I have been part of the gaming community for 2-3 years now. The evolution of gaming has been very rapid and fast in India. Parents, too, have now started supporting budding gamers. A few years back, people didn’t even know about gamer and gaming casting being a full-time career. I am happy that the times have changed now."

Gaurang aka Matgonian had his own way of joining the gaming community. He said, "I was doing my job alongside YouTube, I resigned only after I crossed 700K subs. I found gaming to be very versatile, especially open-world games like GTA/Minecraft, where all I needed was some creative imagination, and the games were there to make it happen. Imagination has no limits, hence gaming content has no limits."

While Fenton aka Abhishek added, "I started my journey during COVID. Whether directly or indirectly, lockdown made a huge change in gaming (especially mine) and the last event was all lit thanks to connecting with creators I used to admire and watch since childhood, interacting and playing with them was all I could ask for."

Risible Twins, "We started making videos a few years ago, mainly because we enjoyed playing video games and the process of content creation. There were only a few creators back in the day, But now we have this huge community of gamers/creators which is just awesome."

Here's a list of our favourite gamers:

Naveen Yadav aka Andreobee

Ronodeep Dasgupta/Rony aka The Rawknee Games

Jai Kishan aka MrGamer Jay

Gaurang Patel aka Matgonian

Kalyani Yadav aka Tokyoo

Deepak Kumar aka Epicdipic

Mansi Gupta aka Magsplay

Abhishek Singh aka Fenton

Mithilesh Patankar aka Mythpat

Anshu Bisht aka GamerFleet

Paresh Solanki aka Proboiz 95

Kunal and Karthik Sharma aka Risible Twins

Abhay Singh aka ThugBoi Max

Hitesh Khangta aka YesSmartyPie

Shivam Singh aka I.M.Bixu

Ujjwal - Techno Gamerz

Shubham Gupta aka BB gaming

Amit Sharma aka Desi Gamerz

Hitesh Koli aka Ezio18rip

Abhishek aka Mackle

Who is your favourite Indian gamer? Let us know in the comments below.

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