India’s leading gamers come together to commemorate OpraahFx turning five

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India’s leading gamers

OpraahFx, an Influencer Marketing, and Talent Management celebrates its fifth anniversary via a YouTube live stream with India’s leading gamers.

OpraahFx, an influencer marketing, and talent management firm organized one of India’s biggest gaming e-meets: Opraah United, on turning five on Sunday (April 24). 20+ leading Indian gamers participated in this live gaming summit on Pranav Panpalia, founder, OpraahFx’s YouTube channel, and paid tribute to their managing agency - OpraahFx for completing five successful years. Popular YouTube gamers like Mythpat, Techno Gamerz, Desi Gamers, RawKnee, Magsplay, GamerFleet, Ocean Sharma, Bixu, Matgonian, YesSmartyPie, etc joined this celebration. Social Ketchup joined the celebrations too and was a Media Partner at the event.

OP Gaming, the gaming wing of OpraahFx was launched two years back. Since then, OpraahFx has been successful in paving the path for several gamers and ensuring their content gets long-due recognition. During the two hours live stream, the creators were divided into three teams - Mafia, Warriors, and Ninjas and were seen playing Minecraft which was an interesting gaming face-off to watch. Alongside, it was amusing to watch gamers roast each other during the fun gameplay.


Excited about OpraahFx’s milestone, Pranav Panpalia, founder, OpraahFx said; “2020 and 2021 have been phenomenal for OpraahFx’s business growth. We signed many leading gamers of the country and grew by 500% in revenue. The company’s gaming wing - OP Gaming has played a pivotal role in catalyzing the growth of the gaming ecosystem in India and executed several high-performing campaigns. With time, gamers became the core aspect of OpraahFx, our backbone. Hence, we wanted to celebrate this milestone with our exclusive gamers. This is just a stepping stone to bringing the Indian gaming community together. We are actively working towards organizing grander gaming summits and venturing into new and evolving fields in the coming months.”

Extending gratitude to OpraahFx, Ujjwal Chaurasia, Techno Gamerz, said; “Collaborative live streams with our peers of the gaming community are always fun, and the element of ‘face-off’ just adds a lot more excitement. I am elated that OpraahFx organized this fun gaming event on their fifth anniversary. It was in 2020 when I signed up with OpraahFx and since then I have only grown by leaps and bounds. Pranav and his team’s expertise has helped me greatly to flourish in the gaming and content creator realm. Looking forward to creating many impactful and dynamic campaigns with them.”

You can watch the entire e-meet here:


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