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Mr & Mrs OP

The gaming industry is on exponential growth. The penetration and affordability of smartphones and gaming phones are making way for more and more online mobile gamers. In the last couple of years, India has seen a lot of gaming bloggers and streamers rise across different channels.

Facebook Live Streaming has also opened doors for gaming creators to stream and build a community. Over the last year, viewership of live gaming videos in India has grown by over 530% making games like PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire, Grand Theft Auto V, and PUBG: BATTLEGROUND amongst the audience.

Mr & Mrs Op aka Gagan and Aparna are one of India’s fastest growing Gaming content creators on Facebook. The duo got inspired to stream together seeing a couple in the U.S. Popular as Mr & Mrs. Op, the two collectively play and stream games on their channel. Getting the love and support of nearly 400,000 supporters is their biggest achievement and motivates them to stream daily. Their goal is to build a long-term career in streaming. 

With almost 5-6 hours invested in gaming content creation, the couple uses this game streaming as a way to bond and build a strong relationship.

In a conversation with Social Ketchup, the duo talks about streaming together, the gaming industry, and the future they see for themselves and the industry.

What made you start game streaming together? 

Streaming is our passion. We couldn't give time to each other due to our hectic schedules since we were both working. We started streaming together as we love entertaining people and are now able to spend more time together doing what we love. 

Do you think you guys have an advantage over your peers because you play together? 

We feel that as a couple since there is a lot of fun and chatty banter between us during streaming, people enjoy it more. Our viewers also become a part of the conversation, and we think it is definitely fun. With regards to advantages, I believe that everyone has a niche. So we are all happy to be a part of the gaming creator ecosystem. 

Why do you like to play mobile/online games? 

We play games both on the PC and on mobile. However, with mobile, we feel that since a large population of online gamers now use mobile phones to play, we are able to join them on the bandwagon with popular games such as PUBG and BGMI. We can also stream us playing instead of only streaming the gameplay, so that makes it more interesting. 

How has your journey been so far? 

Our journey has been incredible so far, and streaming together has made our relationship even stronger. Every day, we both take out time and sit together to create content, which enables us to understand and bond better with each other. Apart from this, we cherish the engagement and familial bond that we have created with our viewers, and we look forward to engaging with them on a daily basis. 

What future do you see for game vlogging and streaming? 

We think that vlogging and streaming are becoming very popular and viable career options in India. As a couple who was inspired by another couple streaming and now seeing the massive growth in the ecosystem, we are thrilled to see this space develop over the last few years. 

What made you pick Facebook as a streaming platform, and how has the platform helped in your career as a gaming creator? 

We chose Facebook as our streaming platform due to its global reach and extensive user base. Additionally, we thought that Facebook would help build us a community with an audience across continents, and that has happened. The Facebook team helps us a lot. We attend sessions arranged by them which teach us how to keep our audiences engaged and how to promote our content. Facebook Gaming has made us the content creators that we are today. It has given us the platform to entertain people through the live-streaming gaming content. It has connected us with many creators and communities and has also given us an earning opportunity to make money via our content, which we love about Facebook! 

What's the biggest myth associated with Gaming Creators? 

Today, despite its rising popularity, people think that gaming cannot become a full-time profession, which really astonishes us. It comes with great earning opportunities, and if you are well versed with it and are a regular content creator, you will form a nice community and audience to engage with. 

How much time do you invest in gaming? How do you manage to take out time as a couple for this? 

We spend around 5-6 hours gaming daily. Usually, Gagan is busy with his job and me with household work, so we are not together throughout the day. We usually connect while streaming together and working on our content. Our discussions on gaming help us enjoy each other's company. It's never boring, and we actually have our space when we are doing our individual work. We started streaming together as we wanted to spend more time with each other. Gaming has helped us understand each other better as a couple. 

What are some of the games you like to play? 

Both of us love war games. Recently, we have started playing and streaming PUBG and BGMI, which have a massive following among the youth. 

How has the audience reacted to your streams? 

Our audience enjoys watching our streams for entertainment. They actively engage with us via comments when we stream. We believe that our audience keeps us going. The time and love they shower us with give us the energy and drive to keep working hard and never give up.

How do you monetize, and what is your next plan?

We monetize our content using a wide range of monetization tools that Facebook offers to its creators. We actively use ad promotions, Stars, and Fan subscriptions to monetize our content and reach our audience. In the future, we aim to create more blog content for our followers and also desire to become video-on-demand (VOD) creators. Since the VOD program is popular on Facebook and fun for gaming, we think this is a natural next step. 

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