Founder of OpraahFx, Pranav Panpalia shines some light on trends to foresee in gaming related content creation.

Pranav Panpalia is a 25-year-old influencer and marketing entrepreneur. Representing and mentoring some of India’s most-followed influencers from gaming and comic domains, Pranav strongly believes in entertaining people with respectful and clean content. And here’s what he has to say about trends in gaming content creation!

Since the onset of 2020, gaming has been propelled by many-folds in India. Affordable smartphones, accessible internet, and country-wide lockdowns increased the creation and consumption of gaming content. With multiple games, gamers, and developers entering and disrupting the market each day, gaming has significantly contributed to accelerating the creator economy in India. 

In 2021, five gamers made it to YouTube’s Top 10 Content Creators list, thereby indicating that gaming is evolving as a mainstream entertainment option in India. During the year, many new gaming titles got popular, one made a comeback, and a few upgraded themselves. All of which swiftly propelled the growth of the online gaming community and gaming content. 

Gaming being a fairly new content genre in India, gamers have gone beyond traditional gameplay videos and live streams to connect with the larger gaming community across the country and the world. While one created his own gaming web series, another dubbed an English game to Hindi, thereby disrupting the gaming content space by bringing in a factor of entertainment. As the gaming industry continues to grow and attract people into the business, we may see a few new trends in 2022: 

Short-format video content 

Gamers are content creators who have been known for creating incredibly engaging and entertaining long-format content. Watched, loved, and enjoyed by their loyal audiences, the average length of a gaming video is about 30-45 mins. The duration of gaming live-stream is even longer. However, with leading social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok actively promoting and investing in short-format content, gamers too are motivated to experiment with YT shorts and Insta reels. In the coming year, we may see active participation from gamers in creating such content. Many will use the ‘speed-running’ technique which is popular in the western and few Asian countries to create 30-45 sec gaming content. Will be an interesting watch! 

Fresh and new genres of games

A survival game, Minecraft has emerged as one of the most played and engaging games in the last few years. Earlier, Battleground games like FreeFire and PUBG ruled the gaming space for years. However, in the last two years, the gaming industry has witnessed a great influx of games of other genres. Interestingly, gamers are open to playing and experimenting with newer game titles. This indeed will help keep the gaming community-engaged, and further leverage the content economy. With Indian developers focusing on creating more women and child-led games the community is expected to grow by many folds. 

Live streaming will continue

Live streaming and gaming, a match made in heaven. Live streaming has been one of the best ways for YouTubers and gamers to actively connect with their audiences. For gamers, livestream provides an opportunity to play together with their audiences and build a loyal community of their own. Recently, leading Indian and western brands sponsored live streams of many YouTube gamers. Widely, gamers are known to earn enough revenue from these branded live streams and it is here to stay and grow in the future. Also, ‘live commerce’ is emerging as a great ROI-driven influencer marketing tool worldwide. 

Brands will focus on gaming

Tapping the loyal fanbase of gamers has been on the wishlist of many brands in the last two years. Many gamers collaborated with endemic and non-endemic brands to create engaging gaming content. In the year to come, the gaming community can expect to disrupt the influencer marketing industry by strategically creating highly engaging branded content and customized products for their loyal fans.

Web 3.0

The change in the way we consume online content is all set to witness a paradigm shift with Web 3.0. Gaming content creators will see magnificent growth in the democratic internet world. It will help gamers monetize and create unique content for content buyers (audiences). The stardom and craze for gamers are just going to increase even further.

* The article is authored by Pranav Panpalia

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