There are a number of Indian kid TikTokers who have made a name for themselves on the popular musical app. Have a look at this list.

When a boy sang, ‘Chota bacha samjke humko na koi ankh dikhana re’ it hit us. Kids these days are way beyond our league. They are clearly sharper and smarter than we were at their age. Every kid nowadays is an active part of all the different social media platforms. While Instagram and Snapchat are popular among the kids and teenagers one other platform that is growing in popularity is TikTok. There are many such Indian kid Tiktokers who have a great following on the platform because of their entertaining content

Here’s a list of Indian kid TikTokers who we all love:

Sadim Khan

Ayaan Zubair

Vinay Narula and Daughter

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Mannat Khan

Saniya Ahmed

Who is your favourite Indian kid TikToker?