Twitteratis shared funny memes on Netflix’s new show Indian Matchmaking and we can’t get enough of it.

Netflix is known for its fantastic list of series and shows that entertain all ages alike. Most of its shows go on to become a major hit among the audiences. What has got people talking recently is one of Netflix’s latest show called Indian Matchmaking.

The show is every Indian aunty’s dream, a show that gets people married. It follows Mumbai-based matchmaker Sima Taparia who finds “suitable” partners for Indians and Indian Americans. Basically, Netflix paved a way for all the nosy aunty and her constant “Beta, shadi kab karogi? Mene ladka dekha hai” into a show that takes the rant to a global audience. The Indian audience, who is also a great fan of reality shows like Bigg Boss, found this show to be equally cringy and absurd like every Indian aunty in real-life. They took to Twitter to share their funny memes on the show and it is all we need RN.

Take a look at these funny Indian Matchmaking tweets:

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