Thank these random people and things and the life lessons they taught us!

Smrithi Mohan
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There's not a single person who hasn't taught us something, and we have made a list of a few life lessons that we will always be grateful for.

How often do we all experience our own ‘I was today years old’ moment in life? We’d say, quite often. And it is because if there is one thing that never seems to have an age limit, it’s learning. Teachers are not just the ones who stand on a podium and lecture us in a classroom filled with young minds! Every day we discover something new, thanks to all the amazing people that we encounter in our lives. It's these people who are willing to share something they know while enriching our own personality. It may not always be with words but this can also be a service or emotion that we have learned to adapt to be better social beings. With Teacher's Day, we naturally decided to make a list of people we have randomly met who taught us some life lessons that we might ignore often but definitely appreciate.

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Check them out!

Your ex who cheated on you taught you not to trust blindly


The kinara vale bhaiya who taught you that एक सौ छिहत्तर is 176


Social media taught us that we can multi-task by scrolling while meeting our deadlines


Friends taught us to never let our delulu aka delusions die and forced us to continue dreaming


Local trains taught us that we can always make space for another person in life if we really try


Food delivery bhaiya taught us the true meaning of patience


Happy Teacher's Day! 

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