Indian musicians on Reels who gave us our favourite Reel audios

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Indian musicians on Reels

These Indian musicians on Reels have been making our Instagram Reels extra special and trendy.

Reels have become one of our places to be between our breaks and when we're all ready to pass out. Basically, we find ourselves in the huge rabbit hole of Reels every five minutes, feeling guilty about it and going back to scrolling through them! One reason is the unique talents that we have come across that make us laugh and entertained. Apart from all these relatable creators we also have a bunch of Indian musicians on Reels who have our ears, hearts and souls.

Watching these short videos has not only made us a fan of it but also encouraged us to try some ourselves. We often find ourselves falling in love with ongoing trends and doing our best to recreate them. Sharing aesthetic Reels or just a montage of our favourite memories is the favourite kind of Reels that most of us try. Like the famous quote “Where words fail, music speaks,” the real task compared to editing the videos is finding the right audio that will add the much-needed sparkle to these videos. That is when our favourite Indian musicians on Reels come to our rescue. We have seen many musicians and singers trending with their cover versions of iconic songs giving us the perfect Reel audio.

Talking about how these short-video platforms have helped musicians get a platform, popular creator on Moj Hargun Kaur said, "I believe in the power of music and short video platforms like Moj, which open new opportunities for musicians. Moj enabled me to reach out to people all around the country. Not only do I want to showcase my talent on the platform, but I also want to inspire other aspiring musicians to share their potential with a large community of 160 million monthly users. Short video apps like Moj act as external experts validating our efforts when it comes to honing your skill."

And Ved Prajapati, creator on Moj added, "I started playing classical tabla when I was 12, and my videos quickly went viral on the internet. While honing my tabla skills, I could not reach a bigger audience to display my talent and hence did not receive the recognition I had hoped for. However, since joining Moj, my fan following has grown outside my state of Gujarat. Moj provided me with an opportunity and a platform to demonstrate my talent and skills, which allowed me to strengthen my bonds with my followers and reach out to an audience in every nook and corner. The majority of Indians may not sit through an entire purely classical concert, but they do appreciate my videos on the app."

We made a list of Indian musicians on Reels that you can follow!

Arvind Kywalya

Anumita Nadesan

Akanksha Sethi

Aaliya Ilyasi

Gawri Bhat

Kiran and Nivi

Rohith Jayaraman


Mallika Mehta

Aaryan Tiwari

Melissa Srivastava

Prajukta & Prarthna

Hargun Kaur (Moj: @iamhargun)


Frizzell D'Souza

Mayur Jumani

Yashraj Mukhate


Ved Prajapati (Moj: @ved_prajapati)


Lisa Mishra

Vipasha Malhotra

Happy World Music Day, y'all!

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