6 legal policies and rules that you should know about social media

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This social media day, here are 6 legal policies and rules that users and content creators should take heed of and implement when being online.

Apart from being a  pleasurable, engaging, and enriching experience, navigating through social media can be overwhelming as one can explore various features and growth opportunities for users and creators on different platforms. While users enjoy everything that it has to offer, there are important legal considerations and rules you should keep in mind as responsible and accountable citizens who use social media daily.

Social media allows us creative freedom and the ability to openly express thoughts and views and there are laws and boundaries to which one must adhere. Whether you’re a casual user or a content creator, understanding these basic principles can help you stay out of trouble and enjoy your online experience while maintaining proper respect towards others in this vast social media world.

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Take a look at these legal considerations that are basic yet essential to remember:

Privacy Settings and Data Protection

The most primary and important consideration is privacy, which is absolutely essential for the existing generation on social media, with the breach of privacy which is easily possible through various methods today, you must make sure to understand the right privacy settings and set them accordingly for your profiles on various platforms. Various platforms can collect data on you and following these legal considerations will help you.


Intellectual Property: Know Your Rights

IPR or intellectual property rights are a big deal on social media. Whatever photo, video audio, or piece of content you share on social media profiles, knowing who owns the original works is essential. If they are not your original works, you must always request permission to use it. However, if you do choose to post or share content with others, you must make sure to always credit the original creator of the works. As a social media user and creator always make sure to watermark your content or use other methods to mark your content on social media.

Misinformation and false claims: Thinking Before You Post on social media 

You must choose to always be mindful of what you say about others on media. Posting false statements or claims that may harm someone’s reputation or harm sentiments can lead to legal lawsuits that you do not want to fall into. Even if you think that it is a joke or an opinion, it can still be considered as defaming someone or damaging someone’s character. 

Advertising and Sponsorships: Disclose Properly

As users and creators on social media, you must keep in mind to always mention if you’re getting paid to promote a product or service, you must disclose that relationship as it is a legal requirement to ensure transparency with your audience as well, as it allows them to be aware that you aren’t involved in other fake, scams or schemes on social media. Use clear language like “sponsored” or “ad” to indicate that your post is part of a paid partnership. This way, your followers know you’re being upfront with them and they also do not fall prey to misinformation on social media.

Cyberbullying and Harassment: Be Respectful

Cyberbullying and harassment are not just rules that exist for most social media platforms, they are also illegal on most basis. Treating others with respect, and not engaging in or encouraging bullying behavior on social media is an essential legal consideration that you should keep in mind not only as a user or creator, but it is also important to know even as a human being. If you ever are a victim of harassment you must report it to the platform and consider it as legal action if it continues.

Terms of Service: Read the Fine Print

Lastly, as a responsible social media user, you must take some time to read the terms and services of any social media platform that you use. These documents outline the important information on what you can and cannot do on the internet. Violating the said terms can often even get you banned or even lead to legal consequences that can be complicated. Stay informed!

By keeping these considerations in mind, you can enjoy a safer and more enjoyable social media experience. 

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