After some videos suggesting violence went viral, Indian TikToker Sameeksha Sud took to her Instagram to clarify the truth behind the videos after she began facing online harassment.

TikTok has been receiving a lot of backlashes in recent times, especially after the YouTube vs TikTok fight fueled. The fight had divided the online community into two with people in support of TikTok and the YouTube community. After a long dispute people have also started demanding the ban of the musical app while giving the app a bad rating on Playstore. Apart from this, there are a number of videos that are going viral on the internet that suggest and showcase violence and hatred of some form, adding up to the whole discussion of banning the app. One of the Indian TikTokers, Sameeksha Sud, was also pulled into the mayhem. The TikTok star who is well-known with a huge fan base of her own, took to Instagram to share the truth about some of her videos that were being circulated on the internet in a manner that promotes violence.

Take a look at the statement that Sameeksha Sud made on Instagram:

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Please support the truth. Stop spreading fake news.

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She claimed that some of her videos have been wrongfully used. Sameeksha also cleared the air stating that her intentions of making those videos were not to promote any kind of violence against women and that she never did any of the duets that are making rounds on the internet. The TikToker has been facing online harassment ever since then with many making rude and explicit comments on her. Through the statement, she clarified that she wasn’t associated with the violence-suggesting videos in any way.