Enter into the world of 3D deception and crazy mind-numbing illusions with India’s first Museum of Illusions in Delhi. Isn’t this exciting?

Have you ever wondered if the world of film Inception could be even minutely real? Well, maybe not exactly but something that can make your mind go into a frenzy is here. India just got its first Museum of Illusions. According to the records, this museum started out with Croatia, and with the one situated in Connaught Place, New Delhi, this is the 30th location for this museum.

It’s a spot where visitors enter the fascinating world of mental deception. This museum features more than 50 intriguing exhibits and offers amazing mind-bending fun opportunities. It is home to a collection of enthralling, interactive, and distinctly indecipherable exhibits. All these exhibits are based on tricks of science, math, and psychology. Once inside it will tickle you to learn more about the tricks of perception, and the manner in which the human brain works.

Moreover with mind-boggling backdrops, along with the ones unique only to India, you also get the opportunity to click unique photos that seem like an illusion. There are Reverse Rooms that defy the law of gravity, Ames Room that shrink to a miniature size, and much more. There is also a Clone Table if you ever wanted to see how your clone would look like. With such varied unique options of exhibits that will rock your senses and baffle your perception, the museum offers opportunities to visitors like no other.

And not just only this, but this distinctive museum has Holograms, Turntables, Infinity Room, Tricky Stick, Optical Illusions. Along with all these, there are other such amazing illusions.

So, when are you visiting this Museum of Illusion to have your mind blown?

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