Influencers share their thoughts on what it is like to spend the lockdown with their Doggos

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lockdown with pets

Check out what influencers have to say about spending their lockdown period with their Doggos. Dog lovers, don't miss out on this!

Lockdown has been tough on people who are fond of partying, socialising, shopping or working out in open, clean air. Have you ever wondered how it must be impacting pets? They get all too excited the moment they are told, “Let’s go for a walk!” But in a situation like this, where they have been trapped in their homes. Though they get to spend a lot of

time with their favourite hoomans and don’t have to wait for them to get home tired after a long day at the office, one can only imagine how they miss bumping into their friends at the dog’s park!

Dream come true

Nitinn R. Mirani has wanted a pet since childhood. However, due to his busy schedule, the international Standup Comedian couldn’t adopt one as he was sure he wouldn’t be able to spend enough time with them. Under lockdown, he got an opportunity to bring Marshal home and pour out all his love on the little one. “We all wanted a Beagle and luckily found a person who was looking for someone to adopt one. That day just as we were pondering over the idea, Aarti’s brother got a message from a friend, saying he was looking for someone to adopt a Beagle. It was like God’s gift, just perfect! We had to pick him up from Gujarat and we had a driver coming this way in a day’s time. Everything worked out like a miracle for us. Marshal was kind of destined to be with us,” Nitinn tells us.

Shortest long distance

Andre Borges lives in Andheri while his dog lives in their Bandra house, with Andre’s dad and sister. While the distance isn’t all that much for regular outdoor walks over the weekend, lockdown has changed things significantly.

He now regularly video calls to stay in touch. It isn’t easy
though, neither for him nor for Xander. “I facetime him every few days but he hates it. He can’t concentrate on the camera and so he gets irritated. Earlier, I used to take him out for walks but since I moved out, he misses me a lot,” the creator tells us.

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