Influencers show-off their snappy outfits in the new Front-Row challenge

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Check out these amazing videos on the new Front-Row challenge by content creators and fashion influencers that will blow your mind.

Trends and challenges is what makes the internet an interesting place to be. Say bye to one, another pops up and they always turn out to be way better than the first one. Fashion challenges may not be something that everyone would try their hand at but are something that we love to watch and enjoy. The front row challenge is one trend that has taken over our social media and we could not be happy enough.

Getting an invite to be at a runway show is extremely difficult, let alone getting the chance to be in the front row. While the fashion industry is missing out on major shows due to the pandemic, it did not stop fashion influencers from imagining themselves at major events. The front row challenge sees fashion influencers giving us a glimpse of what they would wear if they had a chance to be in the front row of a fashion or runway show. They show off their elite and snappy outfits for each brand and it is a delight to watch. While the fashion influencers have taken this challenge quite seriously, other content creators have shared their own funny take on the challenge. We made a list of all these videos that you should watch.

Check out these front row challenge:

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