6 grandparents who make Reels better for these content creators

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Grandparents Day

What could be more wholesome than watching two different generations having fun with technology? Hence we have curated a list of our favourite grandparents on the internet.

It would be downright criminal if we didn’t talk about content-creator's grandparents who make their content better with just their mere presence in them. If anything they are the OG bosses and no one should doubt their talent, especially after knowing them. Gone are the days when oldies felt scared just by the mention of technology. Today we can see a lot of them leveraging these tools to make our day better. Whether it's sharing stories from the past, offering sage advice, doing comedy, or simply showcasing their unwavering support, grandparents infuse a touch of timeless wisdom and charm into the content of some creators. We love to hear the Avanti Nagral's aaji's thoughts and see Sidharth Batra having fun with his grandpa. No matter what the content is, watching different generations enjoy the vastness of the internet while showcasing their talents feels warm. It all reminds us that there isn't anything better than enjoying the company of your loved one and we should cherish their presence.

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We are fans of these grandparents and can never have enough of them!

Girish Waghchaude’s ajoba knows how to be himself in front of the camera and deliver the best punchline without even trying hard

Saloni Gaur’s dadi is a mood. She can scold us and would totally listen to us

Viraj Gelani’s nani is part of all our lives now. She always manages to make Viraj’s content better with her humor 

Avanti Nagral's aaji gives the best advice

It's a good day when Sidharth Batra posts a Reel with his grandpa. Just looking at their wholesome content is enough to give you a serotonin boost

We are never going to get tired of watching Kunal Bhan getting roasted by his grandmother. 

Tell us about your favourite aaji or ajoba on the internet in the comments below!

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