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What's better to end the week than to feel cheerful and excited? This weekly roundup has updates that can make your Friday better

Joining the Navratri spirits, creator duo Funcho organized one of the most vibrant Garba Nights of this season in collaboration with Falguni Pathak on October 17 inviting over 100+ creators to the event. But let's be honest, festivals are no fun without food! Content creator, Kushal Mistry along with Playback Singer and lyricist, Aditya Gadhvi performed a Navratri-inspired Swiggy anthem while highlighting the tastiest delicacies that we get to eat during Navratri. Bigg Boss season 17 has begun airing and fans are looking forward to seeing some of their favorite influencers in the house. Maunawr Faruqui, Anurag Dobhal, Arun Srikanth Mashettey, and Sunny Arya are going to be in the Bigg Boss House this season and we can't wait to watch it. Another event that we are looking forward to is the upcoming NAS summit in Bangalore as we are excited to see Suhani Shah there. Ashish Chanchalani crossed another milestone by hitting 30 million followers on Instagram calling for a celebration.

Last month, 13-year-old Reed Harrington posted a video saying "When I hit 200k followers, I'll do whatever the top comment says on this video and post it." When he recorded and posted this video, he might not have expected it to blow up in the way it did. A user, "fiven9nekid" posted a comment under which he asked Reed to fly to Thailand and train in Muay Thai fight, win tournaments, and then, come back to the USA and join the UFC. This comment received the most number of likes that a comment has ever received on Instagram and it seems that Reed is working towards making his request happen. When we come across things like these on the internet, it definitely warms our hearts.

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