From the trailer of Takeshi's Castle to Rohit Zinjurke's latest music video, this weekly roundup covers everything exciting that happened this week

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The influencer economy is rapidly growing in the country and we have come to witness and enjoy the potential of it. From consumers to brands, nobody is missing out on the chance to leverage the opportunities created by this growing market. Considering the impact and influence of social media creators, Forbes released the list of India's top 100 digital stars in 2023. The list celebrates the efforts of the most prominent and well-known Indian creators. Fans also got to witness some really cool music releases this week. After the success of his last song Zihal-E-Miskin, Rohit Zinjurke captivated everyone's attention with his latest music video with his love song, "Ishqa"ย released on October 26th. Talking about new releases Raghav Meattle has also announced the release of his upcoming song "Bekarar" which will be out for the fans to listen to on October 27.

The moment that we all were waiting for came as we finally got to see a glimpse of the upcoming season of the popular game show "Takeshi's Castle". With refreshed childhood memories, the trailer brought new feelings among the fans while listening to the commentary by Bhuvan Bam. The show looks promising but we are yet to see if it can stand up to the legacy of its predecessor. The first episode will be released on November 2nd only on Prime Video.

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