These songs used on Instagram Reels in 2021 deserve to be a separate playlist

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Instagram Reels Songs

Take a look at this list of songs used on Instagram Reels in 2021 that caught our attention and became our favorite playlist. Trust me they are worth listening to for more than 15 seconds.

It's hard to imagine life without music. Some songs just seem so apt in situations we face every day, almost like they're playing in the background like in a movie. Music gives meaning to life and that's something we can all agree on, right? Back in the day, it took a friend or watching MTV for hours to know that a song is popular right now. Today, we find music recommendations all around us, whether it's the soundtrack of an advertisement or a song used in Instagram Reels. Most often, only the 15 seconds of the song go on to become popular and most of us don't even know the actual names of these trending songs.

These songs used on Instagram Reels in 2021 deserve to be a separate playlist given how catchy they are and this also gives us a chance to listen to the entire song this time. The artists of the original song spend months and sometimes years creating music. Listening to just a part of it not only disrespects the artists but also doesn't give them the recognition that they deserve. We made a list of songs that went viral in 2021 which make for the perfect 'slumber party' playlist right now.

Check out these songs:

Brown Munde

Enjoy Enjami

Bajre Da Sitta

Can We Kiss Forever x Agar Tum Sath Ho

Vaathi Coming

Uyire Uyire x Indian From Da Souf remix



Driver's License

Heartbreak Anniversary


Slumber Party

Leave the Door Open

Everything at once

Butterfly Effect

AURORA - Runaway

Astronaut in the Ocean

Watermelon Sugar





Juice - Harry Styles cover

Commitment Issues

Take Me To Church

Cloud 9 - Paravi Das version

The Nights


Deja vu

kostromin - Mоя голова винтом (my head is a screw)

Save Your Tears


Lil Nas X - Montero



Say So

Jalebi Baby

Okay, Imma go and make some Reels now!

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