Check out some of the amazing and entertaining Remix Reels to OyeAnkit’s video featuring Dennis Kyere and Issac.

Creating reels is one thing, creating a remix to a reel is another. The uber fun and creative ideas that people come up with when they are making remix reels are just so amusing. There’s no doubt that we have some really talented artists online who keep us entertained on social media. Their content is proof that there’s more to Instagram than just haters and content creators are putting in the work to make a difference on social media. The kind of videos that we come across online can easily take away all the stress that we feel during the day. They act as the perfect stress buster! Digital creator and video editor, OyeAnkit is known for using his video editing skills to keep us highly entertained and wowed. One of his videos recently went viral and people are loving it.

His profile is a hub of what videos can be. Ankit has been surprising the audience with the kind of editing that he does. He can effortlessly make audio sync with a video like there were always meant to be. It would be difficult for anyone who hasn’t seen the original video to tell the two apart. One of his videos on Instagram featuring Dennis Kyere @dennis.i.k and Issac @issacmik dancing to the popular Bollywood song “Bole Chudiyan” from ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham‘ has become a viral sensation. This video has over 27.3M views. The Instagramers’ original video had them dancing to dancer, Gina @reginaeigbe’s popular One Dance Challenge. People loved the video so much that they went on to create remix reels with the same. The synchronization is unreal!

Check it out for yourself!

Nothing was stopping the Indian audience from matching the same steps to this song and it’s the best thing we’ve seen on the internet RN. Check it out:

Tempted to give this a try?

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