The dancing sibling, Panday Sisters are living the Bollywood life

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Panday Sisters

Check out how the Panday Sisters tried re-creating some of the popular Bollywood songs with perfection and left our feet tapping.

Bollywood Deewangi is legit. No matter how many Hollywood movies and series you watch, one can never take away Bollywood and its masala from the audience. All we want is our lives to be straight out of a movie and we try to do everything that we can for it be that way. Dancing to classic songs and jamming to them is one way of living a Bollywood life.

It's hard for any pop or lo-fi music to beat the sheer pleasures of imagining ourselves in the middle of a snowy mountain or thinking that everyone attending your cousin's wedding is there to see you dance. We can never get tired of copying all the hook steps of popular songs. A dance duo on Instagram is living their Bollywood life by doing just the same. The Panday Sisters as they are called, dance to famous Bollywood songs and do it with perfection. While playing the song in the background these sisters try to match the steps while even looking at the part. The downright resemblance with which they perform the dance has made us all fall in love with them. We have made a list of some of their best dance videos that you should check out.

Check out their videos:

Check out the @pandaysisters on Instagram to keep yourself updated about their latest videos.

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