Festive decor doesn’t always have to leave you tired and exhausted. These creators make it fun and easy with these tips and tricks!

From Navratri to Diwali, the festive enthusiasm is here to stay for quite some time. And as a country, we’re suckers for all things festive, whether it’s dressing up in OTT outfits for Navratri or DIYing some jewelry for that next function. And festivals call for so many family gatherings and meet-ups which makes home decor so essential. Festive decor might sound like it’s a lot of work but the process of decluttering your home will also allow you to make space for good vibes and prosperity.

Sometimes your homes just need rigorous cleaning and some basic changes in decor instead of a complete revamp. But anything you do for the entire home takes a toll on your creativity and that is one of the reasons why people treat it like yet another task. Fret not because these Instagram creators have found an easy way out of this. They make festive home decor look so easy that even a newbie can pull it off.

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We can’t wait to try these out!

Does festive decor excite you now?

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