As people across the globe excitedly prepare for the final season one of 2019’s most anticipated series – Game of Thrones, we’d love to highlight some trends from the around the world and India that we have noticed around this iconic show in the last 30 days.

According to internal data at Instagram, India has emerged as the 4th country globally where users are most excited about the show – this is only preceded by USA, Brazil and Great Britain and is the only Asian country to feature in top 5. Whether it’s to discuss conspiracy theories, favorite characters or scenes, or fit bits from the series in every situation of their lives, Instagram has become an important community for fans from across India to discuss all things GoT.

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Below is a roundup of the data that emerged around the show:

Top countries across the world who are most excited for GoT on Instagram

1. USA

2. Brazil

3. Great Britain

4. India

5. Germany

Top Indian cities who are most excited for GoT (based on volume of conversations)

1. Mumbai

2. Delhi

3. Bangalore

4. Hyderabad

5. Chennai

Most talked GoT characters across India

1. Jon Snow

2. Daenery Stargaryen

3. Aarya Stark

4. Sansa Stark

5. Tyrion Lannister

Top 10 hashtags used across India (based on volume of conversations)

1. #gameofthrones

2. #got

3. #jonsnow

4. #forthethrone

5. #aryastark

6. #sansastark

7. #winteriscoming

8. #daenerystargaryen

9. #tyrionlannister

10. #winterishere