Karen X’s tutorial videos on how one can turn their home appliance into professional gear to shoot amazing videos are so interesting.

One thing that makes the internet an amazing place to be on is the gravely creative videos that people share on social media platforms. There was a time when children falling off chairs, or monkeys attacking something were the only viral videos that left the internet amused. But today, everything is about transitions and how creative a person can get to shoot a simple video. People can really let loose online and it’s amazing to watch that come to life. Many of these videos leave us awestruck, wondering how they did it. Internet celebrity, Karen X is helping her followers tap into this very phenomenon.

Various creators are helping people get a hold of how one can make their videos more creative with little tips and tricks. Neither does everyone have professional gear that will help them get amazing shots nor are people trained to use them. Karen is using her Instagram to show people how they can turn their basic home appliances into a tripod or drones to add that extra zinc into their most basic videos. She is changing the way people shoot videos and we are loving her tutorials. These videos will change the way you want your videos to look.

Check out her videos!

Hope these tutorials help you make more creative videos!

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