Indian photographer Abhishek Golecha captured some of the most unique and beautiful models for his “Unique is Beautiful” series.

Modeling and fashion happen to be associated with beauty. Both of these are also the base of beauty standards in society. People look up to models and want to be like them, while these models are air-brushed into the canvas. While this struggle to break the concept of ideal beauty is an ongoing one, Indian photographer Abhishek Golecha decided to explore the stories behind unique beauty in this industry through his “Facetime photoshoot” series.

The pandemic became a time for many of us to sit back and reflect on ourselves and our work. With time at our hand, many of us decided to traverse through the endless possibilities that being stuck at home can bring. For Abhishek, it was about getting photoshoots done through Facetime. The photographer who has shot many models and celebrities in his career was mesmerized by the number of models who were both inspirational and beautiful. He decided to capture some of these international models in the want to break stereotypes and capture models who are different and have a story to tell.

Things clicked for the photographer when he came across Anaa T, a Mexican model with Albinism on Instagram. He reached out to her and got done with his first virtual photoshoot. This encouraged him to look out for more models who despite their disabilities were nailing it in the modeling industry. He then went on to contact an agency in London called, Zebedee Management that represents models who are differently-abled.

Two days into him shooting with the models, Abhishek was tested positive for COVID-19. But the photographer decided to continue with his artistry, as he found himself being inspired by his models. As quoted by Zebedee, he said, “What kept me determined towards this project was the inspiring story of each model because their journey motivated me to be unstoppable and happily face all challenges at my work, converting my weakness into my strength”. Under this series titled, ‘Unique Is Beautiful’, Abhishek worked with Angela Selvarajah, Sydney Mesher, Mollie Pearce, Ellie Goldstein, Ashley Young, and Renee. With ‘Unique is Beautiful’, he wanted to shift the focus more towards the model rather than the makeup or fashion. He decided on all-white outfits for the models. Through this campaign, Abhishek aims at expanding the same in our country and find such unique models so he can help their profiles reach agencies, giving them the opportunity to become the face of various brands in India and a part of this industry as well.

Take a look:

Hopefully, we’ll get to see more of these beautiful faces for brand campaigns in India.

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