#Instagram - Zayn Malik's father and Dilip Kumar in a beautiful vintage photo

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Zyan Malik's father and Dilip Kumar

International music icon Zayn Malik recently shared a picture of his father with yesteryear Bollywood superstar Dilip Kumar on Instagram and the picture is awe inspiring.

Zayn Malik maintains a tremendous fan following all over the world and even in India, being fascinatingly popular among young women. The picture of Zayn Malik's father and Dilip Kumar is an old one, held together by tape and shows the two men smiling at the camera. Interestingly, Zayn Malik and his father too happen to be great Bollywood fans, and Shah Rukh Khan happens to be one of Zayn's favourites.

He has spent his childhood to watch Bollywood movies of Amitabh Bachchan, Amir Khan and others.

Captioned with the words 'Abu with Dilip Kumar', the picture was admired by Zayn's Instagram followers that number in the millions. The picture of Zayn Malik's father and Dilip Kumar quickly garnered more than 951K Likes within 7 hours.

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This may have been Zayn and his family's first brush with Bollywood, but the singer too has had the good fortune of meeting another Bollywood superstar and heartthrob, Shah Rukh Khan, who was quite fond of Zayn when he met him.

Shah Rukh Khan tweeted a picture of him and Zayn on Twitter captioned, "This kid is so cool. May Allah bless him. Dinner time at the Asian Awards."

Twitter users who came across the Instagram picture of Zayn Malik's father and Dilip Kumar have expressed their reactions with user @hesziam saying "Today is a great day", and another user, @stylesendeared said, " really feels great to see these kind of things and zayn so openly talk or post about his culture and everything."

Read similar reactions below,

Well, this was a pleasant blast from the past.

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