Creators were quick with their reactions and memes on Facebook and Instagram shutdown

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Instagram shutdown

Instagram's recent outage has sparked conversations worldwide. Let's see how users choose memes as a response to the disruption, shedding light on the Instagram shutdown.

The recent Instagram shutdown made the internet go crazy, leaving users worldwide scratching their heads and refreshing their screens believing it might be a network problem. As the confusion persisted, concerns escalated, sparking much speculation and commentary among people. Some believed that their accounts had been hacked or the internet was slow. As reports of login issues flooded in from various corners of the globe, the situation became a digital equivalent of a global power outage – only instead of candles, people were reaching out to other apps with some of them actually trying to make a real conversation with people around them. The outage wasn't limited to Instagram alone. Facebook services also experienced disruptions, and it didn't take long for people to understand the chaos. As Instagram started working again, we saw our feeds being flooded with memes about it. And it's funny to see how a social media meltdown for a few hours can create chaos of such a level. The incident is a reminder of the delicacy of our digital system and another opportunity for people to share memes about the whole issue which makes us think about our pervasive reliance on these platforms. 

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Here are some videos that people shared on Instagram about the whole chaos:

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