From grooving on "Hass Hass" to flaunting our fits on "Aye Hip Hopper", these Reel trends made us do it all this week

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This week, our feeds were all about memes, celebrations, and dance trends. Scroll through the Reels roundup to know it all.

For people who love to make relatable memes, Instagram surely has a lot of things to offer this week. The most popular one has to be the "My name" trend where people are posting the compilation of their cute moments. Another popular trend was "My boyfriend has two girlfriends" where the content is about how people can look like something at one moment and sometimes can be polar opposites of each other. Speaking of polar opposites, there is another similar trend where friends are making content on their different choices and personalities. Since the season for celebration is here, you must be looking for trends and songs, on which you can create your fashion content. The "Rani's Intro" from the film Rocky ki Rani ki Prem Kahani has been gaining popularity among fashion creators. If you want to flaunt your festive outfits or make a quick GWRM video, this is the right trend for you. The "Aye Hip Hopper" transition trend also made some fashion enthusiasts flaunt their best fits. 

The release of Tiger 3 has got us all excited and its recently released song "Leke Prabhu ka Naam" has given creators all the reasons to flex their dance moves. Speaking of new song releases, Diljit Dosanjh has again surprised us all as he collaborated with the Australian Singer Sia for the recently released song "Hass Hass". The coolest thing about this is that we get to hear Sia singing in Punjabi and it cannot be more awesome. People on social media are creating content on the song.

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Here are some cool trends to try!

My name is ...

Aye Hip Hopper 

Wassup Gway 

Leke Prabhu ka Naam

My boyfriend has two girlfriends 

Rani's Intro theme 

IT Girl (Sped up version) 

Hass Hass 

Let us know about your favourite trend of the week!

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