From Republic Day content to memes, here are some Reel trends that brought joy to our feeds

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Catch up on the most talked-about Instagram trends with this Reel trends roundup.

As Republic Day rolled around, people across the country were on a content creation spree! Flag hoisting videos, catchy dance routines, and, of course, a flood of patriotic songs took centre stage on our feeds. And it all amplified the spirit of Republic Day for us. Shubham Gaur dropped a recent video that has become unarguably one of the funniest meme trends on the internet this week. In this hilarious clip, he's decoding the wild expectations people have for 2024, and after it went viral, many other creators are also creating their versions of it and it's just so fun to watch.

You know how much creativity it takes to come up with interesting storytelling formats and yet Instagram always has an interesting trend on its sleeve. A trend where people are stitching random pictures together to make a story and trust us when we say you wouldn't ever be bored of watching these videos. These videos are wholesome and funny at the same time. Speaking of wholesome, there is one more trend that caught our attention this week. You know how we love doing some things and then a realisation kicks in that says, some people might be judging me for it. People are creating content on "Make your own kind of music" to remind themselves that we only need our approval to do something.

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Take a Look: 

Republic Day Content 

Reel-ationship (Meme Trend)

Touch Me 

Unrealistic Expectations (Meme Trend) 

Make your own kind of music 

Right Round 

Bécane - A Colors Show

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