From memes to music, here's some social media trends you can't miss despite the Instagram shutdown!

Piyush Singh
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Prepare for laughter, nostalgia, and plenty of creativity while discovering the top social media trends that made everyone excited this week. 

Isn't it funny how we often wonder if things move when we're not looking? Lately, Instagram has been buzzing with a quirky trend where people animate everyday objects, turning them into something else. These animations are so snappy and captivating, they've become the highlight of our feeds! Ever joked about being the master of something very mundane? Well, there's a whole meme trend dedicated to that too! Apart from these trends, there is another trend that caught our attention. We all want to put our heart into helping others if we win a Lottery and people shared some really beautiful reels following this trend. 

Distractions are everywhere, and we all fall prey to procrastination. Social media, being the playground of memes, has birthed yet another hilarious trend. Imagine casually scrolling through videos when suddenly, "Kyun Nhi Ho Rahi Padhai" pops up out of nowhere! And hey, speaking of fun, have you noticed the resurgence of evergreen songs? Tracks like "Kaliyon ka Chaman" and "Premika ne Pyar se" are making a comeback, and people are having a blast creating content with them. It's like a sign telling you to grab your friends and join the party!

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Take a Look: 

If I win a Lottery

The things are moving when you're not looking 

Kaliyon ka Chaman Trap Mix 

Premika ne Pyar se 

Kyun nahi ho rahi pdhai (Meme Trend) 

Me showing up to a competition 

Join the fun and create something as cool. 

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