Today, we’re celebrating those men who’ve been a part of our journey and have seen us grow!

Even though in our world women’s accomplishments are given importance to because of obvious reasons but men aren’t left behind. As women, we know the importance of being appreciated for even our smallest of achievements but for men, it’s not always a cakewalk either. We don’t get to hear a lot of stories about the struggles and the sacrifices men also make because of the circumstances that they go through in their lives. Although, their achievements don’t go unrecognized I feel they do deserve a day where we can celebrate them, and not only that we should also thank them for the immense amount of contribution they make to the world. So, why not pay an ode to all the men who have been with us throughout?

There are so many men out there who are have showcased their talent and have given so much to the world be it someone like Einstein, Newton, whether it is someone like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela or even the male creators that we follow on Instagram. We have got so much to learn from them Siddharth Batra and Ankush Bahuguna for one have taught us to stay strong in all situations. Ankush Bahuguna, has always taken a stand for what we think is right. Well, we have also some other creators who have to share their part and thank all the men who have helped them grow and reach such great heights. This International Men’s Day let us together thank all the men who have made so many contributions to the world.

Here’s what our creators have to say:

Ankita Sahigal (@sahigal.ankita)

“I want to thank my father because he never ever stopped me from doing anything. He was the right amount of protective for me because of him I could explore and the way he guided me and let me learn even though I made mistakes. Most parents stop or prevent their children from making mistakes which is a good thing but my father always helped and guided me even though I made those mistakes. He would always tell me to do something else in case I did not succeed in the former which helped me grow into what I am today. Second, I would like to thank my brother who always supported me even when I decided to come into the digital world, he told me that we are an inspiration in either case. Thirdly, my husband who have always stood by me even in my downtime, and when I was doing my job and he trusted me even more than I trusted myself. “

Shreyas Mendiratta (@shreyasmendiratta)

“On this occasion of International Men’s Day, I would like to acknowledge the importance of every man and the roles that they have played in my life. The longest friendships that I have had whether it was my childhood friends with who I am still in touch with and the first person who taught me about the importance of money and spending it judiciously and the person who taught some of the most important life lessons: my grandfather. My music, theatre and drama teachers who saw the potential in me challenged and guided me in the process of helping me realize my passion and making me come close to it. Being a man myself, I have through times where nobody was there for me when I was at my lowest, there have been nights where I have only contemplated life but I have been there for myself and I have always been my best friend.”

Tell us how you are planning to appreciate the men in your life in the comments below.

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