Take a look at how Twitter celebrated the superheroes of the world and thanked them for their efforts on International Nurses Day.

It took one big pandemic for all of us to thank and to be grateful for one of the noblest jobs in the world, that of a nurse. Nurses are truly the angels on earth who looks after every person with care and love. They are the ones we see first thing when we are born. Working day and night, giving their whole to the patients visiting hospitals, nurses do a tireless job in bringing health and comfort to the world. And when the world hit the biggest rock, it is the same nurses who continued doing their job without complaints. On International Nurses Day, the world took to Twitter to share their love and gratitude to the ones who saved thousands and became superheroes without wearing a cape.

Here’s how Twitterati celebrated International Nurses Day:

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All we can say is, thank you for showing courage in the worst of times!