Check out how this viral video of a Pakistani restaurant making mac chicken burger ice cream made the internet cringe in disgust.

And just like that, another crime has been committed by humankind. A crime so nasty and heartbreaking, that our soul has bid goodbye to our sense of taste. A Twitter user decided to shock the internet with his tweet and he was quite successful in that. Darshan Pathak shared a video of a man using McDonald’s famous Mac Chicken burger to make an ice-cream. Yes, you read it right. He made Mac Chicken Burger ice-cream and the internet is going crazy since.

The man literally chopped the burger before making a paste of it by adding milk and cream into it. One of Pakistan’s joint, Chaudairy Ice Cream Parlor decided to create this experimental desert. The ice cream parlour is known to serve handcrafted instant ice cream with everything that goes into an ice-cream. However, they decided to try their hand at being unique and made a dessert out of a snack.

Check out people’s reaction to it:

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