Isha Borah 7 days of Valentine's outfits will make you want to plan a date ASAP

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7 days of Valentine's outfit

If you are stressing out about what to wear too then check out these 7 days of Valentine's outfits by Isha Borah for your date night!

There are different types of people. Some who are in a relationships, some who aren't, others who are still figuring things out and finally the singles. No matter which group one belongs to, if there is a month that has the entire world in frenzy, it's February. For a month of love when everyone is either talking, planning or whining about Valentine's, we end up surrounded by hearts and everything red. It is an even more stressful time for the couples with their planned/unplanned dates and if you are one who is looking forward to their date but is equally stressed about it, then fashion influencer and internet's favourite Isha Borah is here to save you from your misery with her 7 days of Valentine's outfits series!

A saviour, Isha is helping everyone find inspiration to their perfect date outfits with her 7 days of Valentine's outfits series and it is everything that we need. She is known for sharing her style therapy with her online followers and give them another reason to dress up. With her exquisite outfits and chic looks, Isha's Instagram makes for the ideal Valentines' look book. And her Valentine's Day series would concur that.

We all know what kind of outfit makes us feel happy and choosing one to spend the day with someone you love is very important. Her series includes outfits for anyone and everyone. From someone who wants to look like a Bollywood dream, she suggests a blue salwar suit as a go-to outfit. For that boss babe, she pairs a cropped jacket with denim skirt, boots and sunglasses. And not to forget her classic saree look, because we know one can never go wrong in a saree.

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Check out Isha's series and outfits below!

Which outfit would you choose for your V-date? Let us know in the comments below.

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