Desi Twitterati go ROFL over memes on Ivanka Trump

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memes on Ivanka Trump

Tweeple have left us amused after Donald Trump's daughter, Ivanka Trump’s visit to India as they added their own creativity and photoshop to her photos. She too sportingly shared the memes and shocked the netizens.

India went all haywire as the news of US President Donald Trump visiting India made rounds. While everyone was hyped and looked forward to his visit, one community that eagerly awaited his visit was the Internet meme-community. Donald Trump has always been a meme favourite and has become part of some various popular and funny memes. But this time around, the meme-meter seemed to have tipped towards his daughter, Ivanka Trump instead. Ivanka, who visited India along with her father Trump became a meme favourite after she visited the Taj Mahal. People began photoshopping the picture that she shared on her Instagram and had us all laughing. While Indian singer and songwriter Diljit Dosanjh became part of the trend and shared one of the photoshopped images on his page, he was shocked after Ivanka sportingly re-shared the image and thanked him for an amazing trip in India.

Check out all the funny memes on Ivanka Trump:

— Aditya Chaudhary (@hrypr) March 1, 2020

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— ???????? ??????? (@shubhamnimsade) March 1, 2020

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